Secure development within the premier Zimbali Golf Estate

There is a place where nature has allowed us to enjoy tropical beaches and the sea, with the sun shining over a pristine golf course. Such is the Zimbali Golf Estate, unsurpassed in its beauty and tranquillity.

Imagine what it would be like to live here in a development which epitomises style and impeccable taste. Luxury finishes and stylish open plan living areas make Amabalengwe one of the most sought after apartments in this exclusive residential area.

If you are living here permanently, or if you need a holiday home, Amabalengwe is for you.

With only four enchanting apartments in the development, exclusivity is guaranteed. So, if you still prioritise quality time in the everyday bustle of modern living, Amabalengwe will suit your every need.


  • Moreland Signature Development
  • Situated on premier Zimbali Golf Estate
  • Proximity to “blue chip” companies on “The Ridge”
  • Striking 4 unit complex
  • Professionally Landscaped
  • Perfect “Lock up & Go”

Schedule of Areas

Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4
Ground Floor 90.63 Ground Floor 91.76 Ground Floor 90.63 Ground Floor 91.77
Garage 36.00 Garage 36.00 Garage 36.00 Garage 36.00
Covered Patios 29.67 Covered Patios 24.38 Covered Patios 23.70 Covered Patios 30.35
Uncovered Patios 33.96 Uncovered Patios 34.51 Uncovered Patios 33.83 Uncovered Patios 34.49
First Floor 83.00 First Floor 84.15 First Floor 83.04 First Floor 84.25
Total Area 273.26 Total Area 270.80 Total Area 267.20 Total Area 276.86

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Site Layout