Kiara Cove

Environmentally sound development within Ilala Estate

The architecture is one that has evolved in response to the tropical climate of the region with a strong emphasis on the relationship of indoor and outdoor spaces. It recalls the Floridian Style of the past with pseudo Tuscan appeal. The careful combination of white and Graecian white facades allows for a measured aesthetic, which is complemented by shallow pitched terracota roofs and white window and door frames. A strong sense of community is emphasized by the lack of encampment as boundary fencing and walling is strongly discouraged in favour of indigenous landscaped screening. The complimentary nature of the built fabric and landscaped gardens is the result of a two pronged scrutiny process that highlights this relationship.

The architecture of this development is the manifestation of a carefully compiled set of guidelines that are intended not to stifle the creative process, but rather create an environment flowing with visual continuity and appealing ambience. It offers the potential buyer 2 different plan configurations and options. Furthermore a strategically positioned Gazebo with its swimming pool and BBQ facilities reinforce a sense of community living that both the developer and the residents will speak of with genuine pride.

An environment devoid of security walls, and burglar guards as homeowners relax in the knowledge that the most technologically advanced security systems are in operation with 24 hour manned and controlled access gates.

The Gateway Shoppertainment World development is literally a 4 minute drive away. The complex which is the largest of its kind in the Southern hemisphere is a one stop venue for all retail, entertainment and leisure requirements.

Situated on the Sugar Coast of KwaZulu Natal is the Moreland signature development, Ilala Ridge. Ilala Ridge is set amongst sprawling hillsides of the La Lucia Ridge Housing development along Umhlanga Rocks Drive. The Development was undertaken with extreme care and empathy for what is an area of environmental sensitivity.

The proposed site is situated along Umhlanga Rocks Drive within close proximity to Somerset Park, and is carefully appointed with due consideration given to view, climatic conditions and ease of access. It’s park like surroundings and gentle topography provide an ideal setting for a development of this nature, where each unit has filtered views to Gateway beyond.

Moreland’s commitment to conservation and management of the natural environment is carried through into this development. A professionally designed and landscaped garden compliments the architecture, and rounds off the development in an appropriate manner.

The Ilala Ridge Development, when viewed in a broader perspective, provides the perfect residential component to one of the most dynamic commercial growth nodes in the country. It is conveniently nestled in close proximity to the Umhlanga Gateway New Town Centre, destined to be an edge city, and the La Lucia Ridge Office Estate, which is already home to a number of blue chip companies. This is complimented by the immediate accessibility of a selection of schools renowned for their academic excellence and the sporting and recreational facilities associated with the Mount Edgecombe Country Club and the Umhlanga beachfront.

Unit Type A

Ground Floor

  • Living Area – 48 m2
  • Bath – 5.5 m2
  • Verandah – 9.3 m2
  • Yard – 4.9 m2
  • Covered entrance – 3.4 m2
  • Garage – 19.5 m2
  • Total – 90.6 m2

Unit Type B

Ground Floor

  • Living Area – 45.5 m2
  • Bath – 3.7 m2
  • Verandah – 9.3 m2
  • Covered entrance – 3.4 m2
  • Garage – 19.5 m2





Loft Floor

  • Living Area – 19.5 m2
  • Bath – 6.5 m2
  • Total – 100.7 m2

Site Layout